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Danish Christmas Elf Couple (dansk julenisser)

Danish Christmas Elf Couple (dansk julenisser)
Are you looking for a little extra luck this year? Danish Christmas Elves ("dansk julenisser") can bring luck and happiness to a house all year long, but they can also be a mischievous lot. They have been known to play pranks if they aren't treated well, and supplied with a nice bowl of rice pudding at Christmas time. They love to climb on shelves, sit on a branch of your Christmas tree, top that special present, or even hang from your plants to help create a festive atmosphere.

Each nisse is handmade using wool wrapped chinellie pipe cleaners, felt, felted wool and natural wool locks. They measure approximately 5 - 6 inches tall and are completely pose-able.

This listing is for one nisse couple. Please note: Because all nisser are handmade, the pair you receive will vary slightly from couple shown above.

All nisse orders are shipped within 2 business days of receipt of payment using USPS First Class mail (USPS Priority Mail is also available; please convo me for details).